Orientation Lab (AltspaceVR)

I wanted to get a better handle on various orientations (rotations) within AltspaceVR especially regarding spawn points (used when entering the world), and teleport buttons (used for moving about within the world).


I’ve been getting into 3D modeling so much that when I go for my morning walk I see things…

Simple Interactive Objects in AltspaceVR

This demo shows how to set up kit items as interactable objects.

Gravity Sketch to AltspaceVR

Here’s a short video demonstrating creation of a model in Gravity Sketch then exporting that to AltspaceVR.

Happy Virtual Valentine

Happy Valentine’s day! Trying out Apple’s USDZ file format to create a virtual valentine augmented reality experience.

Lots of Chairs

I recently attended the AWE live event where one of the speakers had placed prizes under a couple of the seats for the in-person attendees. Unfortunately for me

Happy Halloween 2021

This year the bulk of Halloween energy went into creating a virtual reality world called Castle Rock hosted in Altspace VR. If you’re into VR then give it a try (it’s free to sign up).

Castle Rock

Castle Rock is an AltspaceVR world created for Halloween 2021.

BRCvr Behind the Scenes

BRCvr Behind the Scenes is an AltspaceVR tribute world based on experiences leading up to BRCvr 2021.

Jazz Cafe

Jazz Cafe is an AltspaceVR world built for the virtual burning man event BRCvr 2021. After trying my hand at creating vehicles I was looking for more opportunities to develop my modeling skills. I was keen on mastering this one aspect before moving onto other things.

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